Ryan Stephen’s Online Home Careers

Ryan Stephen’s Online Home Careers

ryan stephen's online home careersThere was a program launched in 2012 called Online Home Careers.  There has been a lot of interest in the program because so many people have signed up for Ryan Stephen’s Online Home Careers program.  Competitors are getting frantic and consumers and frantically trying to find holes in the program by searching for it online.  In fact, Google says that Online Home Careers is getting over 60,000 searches every single month already.  That’s a pretty quick jump in such a short span of time.

So I took the time to go through the sales strategy that Ryan Stephens uses to get potential students into the program, and then I worked hand-in-hand with the Ryan Stephens’ team to go through the program and analyze each piece of the puzzle.  After going through that entire process, I want to share what I’ve found.

Who is Ryan Stephens?

According to the sales pages, it describes Ryan Stephens as a web marketing guru.  It tells a story of a man who was once poor and supporting a small family, who then became a successful web marketing consultant for large corporations, and then became a teacher teaching others how to create small work-at-home businesses using his strategies.  Are they really his strategies?  Of course not, but they are real strategies that thousands of people use.  Are they exclusive to his program?  Of course not.  Are they sound principles?  Absolutely.  In talking with Ryan, what I found is that he uses the principles that he teaches to build his own business.  I kind of like that actually.  I came in skeptical, like most people do, but he walked me through how he acquires his own students and I found it interesting that what he showed me was exactly what he teaches.  He’s a nice guy.  Very down to earth, and extremely intelligent.  I came in thinking he would be slimy but his whiteboard in his office is covered in crappy drawings from his kids.  Made me feel at home.

What Does Ryan Stephens teach?

Ryan teaches his students three things; how to create an e-commerce business through eBay or web stores, how to make money online by placing affiliate links (which is primarily how he makes his money), and then he teaches general web marketing principles like SEO, PPC, and blogging.  He stressed to me that his students aren’t required to do all three, but he wanted to provide all three so that his students could choose what they wanted to do.  Ryan walked me through the videos that they have made to describe each step of each module.  The videos were short and sweet and well made.  I’ve reviewed a lot of programs where the training videos sound like they were recorded in a echoey garage using the computers built in microphone.  His videos are scripted, well spoken, and well made.  They weren’t over the top wordy, which can be frustrating and can quickly turn students off.  If I have to watch more than five minutes then I quickly tune out…


  • Release Date: 2/2012
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